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ActionTec 54 Mbps Wireless PC Card Driver

3 Introduction 1 Thank you for purchasing the Actiontec 54 Mbps Wireless PC Card. The PC Card provides a single PC card solution for connecting to version b. Free Download ActionTec 54 Mbps Wireless PC Card Driver gWINXP (Network Card). ActionTec 54 Mbps Wireless Multiport Print Server Specifications .. When used with the Double Mbps Wireless PC Card (WGU), users have a range.

ActionTec 54 Mbps Wireless PC Card Treiber

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ActionTec 54 Mbps Wireless PC Card Driver

Enter a login name and password in the appropriate text boxes, or request that the driver prompt for them when connecting to a wireless network.

ActionTec 54 Mbps Wireless PC Card New

Select a personal certificate for authenticating the PC Card from here. Clicking in the Validate check box requires the server certificate be validated. In the Passphrase text box, enter the key being shared with wireless network connection. It will appear in the text box as a series of asterisks.

To view the passphrase, click in the Unmask check box. The passphrase key should be composed of alphanumeric characters only, and be between 8 to 63 characters long. Also included is a list of frequently asked questions. Troubleshooting My computer doesn t recognize the PC Card.

Actiontec 54M Wireless PC Card Adapter CTG Windows Drivers, Utility Wireless Drivers

Remove the old driver and remove any incomplete installation files from the Actiontec driver and utility in the Control Panel. Restart the computer and rerun Connection from the Installation CD. If a yellow exclamation point appears, there are conflicting resources, or the drivers may not have been properly installed. As a last resort, uninstall the Configuration Utility, then reinstall it.

ActionTec 54 Mbps Wireless PC Card Driver Windows 7

Also, make sure the static IP address of the other computers are different for example, one computer might have a static IP address ofwhile another computer has a static IP address of. Right-click on the wireless connection corresponding to the PC Card and select Properties.

Frequently Asked Questions How far can I be from an access point and maintain a connection? The access point s range depends on the environment. Indoor range is approximately 91 meters ft.

ActionTec 54 Mbps Wireless PC Card Drivers for Windows XP

How fast is the wireless network? The rated speed of the wireless network under optimal conditions is 54 Mbps. This speed does vary, depending on distance from the access point and the amount of attenuation physical barriers such as walls, glass, etc.

How can I get a new one? What should I do? First, disable any network adapters installed on your computer. If these adapters were installed prior to the PC Card, they may be preventing an Internet connection.

ActionTec 54 Mbps Wireless PC Card User Manual: Setting Adhoc Mode; Windows 98, 98se, Me, And 2000

If using Windows XP, right-click on My Network Places, then click Properties in the next window to ensure no network bridges are installed on the computer. These can also prevent Internet connections. Can I use an g PC Card to connect to an b access point?

Yes, an g PC Card can connect to an b access point. Will cordless phones interfere with the PC Card? The g PC Cards use 2.

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If your cordless phone uses this frequency, problems may occur. Different cordless phones use different frequencies, and generally include a label stating which frequency they use. If problems with interference caused by your cordless phone occur, try changing the channel of your wireless network. This can sometimes clear up interference issues. Any wireless device using the 2. Can a wireless signal pass through floors, walls, and glass?

54 Mbps Wireless PC Card. User Manual

The effect of the physical environment can have varying effects on signal strength and quality. The denser an object a concrete wall compared to a plaster wall, for examplethe greater the interference will be.

Concrete or metal-reinforced structures cause a higher degree of wireless signal loss than those made of wood, plaster, or glass. The PC Card uses its own utility which includes a site survey for configuration, and turns off the Wireless Zero Configuration utility.

54 Mbps Wireless PC Card Model #: 802CTG User Manual

First, make sure the PC Card is correctly installed in the computer. Then, in the system tray in the lower right hand side of the desktop, next to the clockright-click on the approprate connection icon and select View Available Wireless Networks.

When the Connect to Wireless Network window appears, click Advanced.

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