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TRIDENT 8900 CL Driver

A GPU/Chipset: Trident TVGAC Bus: ISA Memory: 1M (8 x GPU/Chipset: Cirrus Logic CL-GDQC-A Bus: VLB Memory: 1M (+2 SOJ) Id string. I haven't been able to find jumper settings that match my card layout, all of them are just for CL-A or just CL. I used the 'normal'CL jumper. "Acronics"; "ASI Orion 32"; "CL-GD";"";"" "Acronics"; "ASI Orion .. "EVI T89"; "Trident ";"";"" "Expert"; "EVP "; "CL-GD";"";"" "Expert";.

TRIDENT 8900 CL Driver for Mac Download

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Supported systems: Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10
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TRIDENT 8900 CL Driver

Handles graphics objects in x, y and z and has hardware Gouraud shading. Supports up to x at 76 Hz. Also has 16 bit Z-buffer, supports displays up to x and x 90 Hz.

VLB speced at 33 MHz. Also supports video scaling in hardware. The Mach32 had fairly good previous generation performance. The VT provides excellent video playback.

Trident Microsystems

DOS performance is mediocre, even on recent chips. Great benefit from linear addressing mode VBE 2. They both have the 'ALI' acronym.


Acer Labs also makes good quality motherboard chipsets. Low end chipsets, fairly common a while ago for PCI.

Anybody know if these guys are still in the video chipset business? Excellent PCI bus performance.

ALG Not listed on web site. ALG No info provided.

TRIDENT 8900 CL 64Bit

Low-to-mid-end DRAM-based cards acceleratedsome laptop chipsets. These were first generation VLB cards. All chips in this series have at least a limited form of acceleration: The following chips have a 'BitBLT engine', TRIDENT 8900 CL implies better acceleration opaque move, invert, text.

ISA Computer Graphics Cards eBay

CL-GD Slightly enhanced version of the DOS TRIDENT 8900 CL was mediocre. Upgrade to 2Mb buys very little interlaced modes only. A bit faster than the CL-GD54M40 with integrated filters.

The is an efficient chip with excellent DOS performance and motion video. The was often equipped with only 1Mb, which severely crippled performance.

Trident TVGA 8900/C/CL/D driver download for Video card/adapter page 1

Creative will be using it. Cirrus Logic started TRIDENT 8900 CL graphic components design now used by most chipset makers. Excellent GUI Windows 3. Early models other than Millenium characterized by abysmal VGA performance.

Supports resolutions up to x at very high speeds. Incorporates hardware color space conversion and video upscaling, 3D gouraud shading, texture mapping, double and Z-buffering.

Trident TVGA CL - 1 MB ISA Video Graphics Card eBay

Also has a fast bit VGA core. Fast 2D acceleration, hardware colour space conversion and video scaling for fast video, texture mapping, Gouraud shading, transparency, double buffering for fast 3D.

OTI Accelerated, 2Mb max.

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