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Airis N670 Mini PCI Driver

Radiation dosimetry has to do with the quantitative determination of that energy. It would be awkward to Airis N670 Mini PCI to discuss these matters without providing at the outset some introduction to the necessary concepts and terminology.

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Radiological physics began with the discovery of x-rays by Wilhelm Rontgen, of radioactivity by Henri Becquerel, and of radium by the Curies in the s. Within a very short time both x-rays and radium became useful Airis N670 Mini PCI in the practice of medicine.

In fact, the first x-ray photograph of Mrs. The historical development of the science of radiological physics since then is itself interesting, and aids one in understanding the quantities and units used in this field today.

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However, such an approach would be more confusing than helpful in an introductory course. Historical reviews have been provided by EtterParker and Roeschand by Roesch and Attix However, for practical purposes these marginally ionizing W radiations are not usually considered in the context of radiologicalphysics, since they are even less capable of penetrating through matter than is visible light, while other ionizing radiations are generally Airis N670 Mini PCI penetrating.

However, the physics governing the interaction of such radiations with matter is totally different from that for ionking radiations, and this book will not deal with them. The important types of ionizing radiations to be considered are: Electromagneticradiation emitted from Airis N670 Mini PCI nucleus or in annihilation reactions between matter and antimatter.

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The quantum energy of any electromagnetic photon is given in keV by - 1. The practical range of photon energies emitted by radioactive atoms extends Electromagnetic radiation emitted by charged particles usually electrons in changing atomic energy levels called charactnistitorjZwrcrcencex-rays or in slowing down in a Coulomb force field continuous or brcmrstrdlung x-rays. Note that an x-ray Airis N670 Mini PCI a y-ray photon of a given quantum energy have identical properties, differing only in mode of origin.

Older texts sometimes referred to all lower-energy photons as x-rays and higher energy photons as y-rays, but this basis for the distinction is now obsolete. Most commonly, the energy ranges of x-rays are now referred to as follows, in terms of the generating voltage: F a t Electrons: If positive in charge, they are called positrons. If they are emitted from a nucleus they are usually referred to as -rays positive or negative.

Descriptions of such accelerators, as encountered Airis N670 Mini PCI medical applications, have been given Airis N670 Mini PCI Johns and Cunningham and Hendee Usually obtained from acceleration by a Coulomb force field in a Van de Graaff,cyclotron, or heavy-particle linear accelerator. Alpha particles are also emitted by some radioactive nuclei.

Deuteron-the deuterium nucleus, consisting of a proton and neutron bound together by nuclear force. Triton-a proton and two neutrons similarly bound.

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Alpha particle-the helium nucleus, i. Other heavy charged particles consistingof the nuclei of heavier atoms, either fully stripped of electrons or in any case having a different number of electrons than necessary to produce a neutral atom.

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Neutral particles obtained from nuclear reactions [e. Likewise the bulk of the literature dealing with radiological physics focuses its attention primarily on that limited but useful band of energies.

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Electrons and photons down to about 1 keV are also proving to be of experimental interest in the context of radiological physics. The ICRU International Commision on Radiation Units and Measurements, has recommended certain terminology in referring to Airis N670 Mini PCI which emphasizes the gross differences between the interactions of charged and uncharged radiations with matter: X- or y-ray photons or neutrons i.

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The resulting fast charged particles then in turn deliver the energy to the matter as above. The reason why Airis N670 Mini PCI much attention is paid to ionizing radiation, and that an extensive science dealing with these radiations and their interactions with matter has evolved, stems from the unique effectsthat such interactions have upon the irradiated material.

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Clearly the ability of ionizing radiations to impart their energy to individual atoms, molecules, and biological cells has a profound effect on the outcome. Ionizing radiations can also Airis N670 Mini PCI gross changes, either desirable or deleterious, in organic compounds by breaking molecular bonds, or in crystalline materials by causing defects in the lattice structure.

Discussing the details of such radiation effects lies beyond the scope of this book, however. Here we will concentrate on the basic physics ofthe interactions, and methods for measuring and describing the energy absorbed in terms that are useful in the various applications of ionizing radiation. Consequences of the Random Nature of Radiation Suppose we consider a point P i n a field of ionizing radiation, and ask: Therefore, the first step in describing the Airis N670 Mini PCI at P is to associate some nonzero volume with the point.

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