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Mellanox MSX6015T Switch Driver

Built with Mellanox's 6th generation SwitchX®-2 InfiniBand switch device, these switches provides up to eighteen 56Gb/s full bi-directional bandwidth per port. Ax Switch Firmware extension mobile torrent last version last amd download where can download Mellanox MSXT rev. BENEFITS. – Software Defined Network (SDN) support. – Industry-leading, switch platform in performance, power, and density. – Designed for energy and cost.

Mellanox MSX6015T Switch Windows 7 64-BIT

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Mellanox MSX6015T Switch Driver

The SX60XX package content is as follows: There are two installation kit options: Standard depth systems should be mounted using the standard rail kit; short systems can be mounted using either of the rail kits. Two rails Two rail slides Two system Mellanox MSX6015T Switch 16 recessed flat head screws with extras 10 caged nuts 10 pan head M6 screw bolts Figure 4: Pay attention to the airflow within the rack cooling, connector and cabling options.

While planning how to place the system, review the following Mellanox MSX6015T Switch Make sure the system air flow is compatible with your installation selection.

Mellanox InfiniBand SX6015 - switch - 18 ports - unmanaged - rack-mountable

It is important to keep the airflow within the rack in the same direction. In case there are cables that cannot bend within the rack or in case more space is needed for cable bending radius, it is possible to recess the connector side or the FRU side by 2 5. Mellanox MSX6015T Switch FRU side is extractable.

Mounting the sliding rail inverted to the system will allow you to slide the FRU side of the system, in and out. Mounting the slides to the system Step 1.


The recession feature is bi-directional, meaning that you can recess the system either backward or forward. Screw the system slides onto the system. Use 5 flat head screws for a short system and 7 screws for a standard Mellanox MSX6015T Switch system to connect each system slide.

The recommended tightening torque is 1. Screwing on the Rail 5 screws per side are needed for the short system.

If using a torque screwdriver to tighten the screws, set it to 1. Mellanox MSX6015T Switch the caged nuts into the holes in the rack on the side of the rack you will be sliding the system into. Slide the rail into the rail slide. Using two of the M6 bolts for each corner, install Mellanox MSX6015T Switch rails and rail slides in the rack.

Mellanox SwitchX®-2 SX6015 Unmanaged FDR10 18-Port InfiniBand SDN Switch - Part ID: MSX6015T-1SFS

Do not tighten the bolts yet. Slide the Rail into the Rail Slide This side of the rail kit goes on the side of the rack you will slide the system into. This is the same side of Mellanox MSX6015T Switch system that will be next to the vertical support. Installing the Slides Step 6.

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Slide the system into the rails. Place the system and screw the bolts into the nuts. Tighten the bolts to 4.

Installation Completed 22 23 Installation Rev Side-by-Side This section is relevant to short-depth systems that allow such form of installation only. SX and SX do not include installation kit in the package. The side-by-side Mellanox MSX6015T Switch kit must be ordered separately.

Installation kit parts for a side by side installation: The 2 system frames will fit into racks with from 21 mm to 34 mm between the vertical supports. Make sure the ESD strap is touching your skin and that the other end is connected to a Mellanox MSX6015T Switch ground.


Screw the two systems mounted rails to the system, using six flat head screws per rail. The recommended torque is 0. Screw on the System Mounted Rails Install the two system frame into the rack. Slide the frame slides into Mellanox MSX6015T Switch frame. Two Systems Frame Connector side of the rack. Place the frame in the rack.

Both sides of the frame must be on the inside Mellanox MSX6015T Switch the rack. Placement of Frame in the Rack Step 3.

Mellanox Technologies - Complete Hardware Parts & Specification list Page - 2

Take the 10 spacer bushings and use them to adapt the square openings in the vertical support. Placing the Spacer in the Rack Step 4. Use the 10 M5 pan head screws.

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