Lantronix SecureLinx SLM 64x

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Lantronix SecureLinx SLM Driver

The SecureLinx™ Management Appliance (SLM) is a 'master control center' that integrates equipment connected by console servers, KVMs. Lantronix SecureLinx™ line of Secure Console Servers™, Remote KVM™ Remote Power SLM manages all LANTRONIX products in a single platform. SecureLinx SLM SecureLinx™ gives IT managers unsurpassed ability to securely and remotely manage Featuring Lantronix Evolution OS™, our powerful.

Lantronix SecureLinx SLM 64 BIT

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Lantronix SecureLinx SLM Driver

And adding more remote users is simple and cost effective — just add another Spider! Additionally with Spider, Lantronix SecureLinx SLM can add remote IP users one server port at a time, rather than adding another switch that provides costly, pre-defined multiples.

Lantronix SecureLinx SLM Driver (2019)

And there is no single point of failure with Spider deployments. If a unit is disabled, you lose access to just one Lantronix SecureLinx SLM and the Spider is easily replaced.

And it has all the capabilities of a traditional KVM switch — all in a miniaturized, zero-footprint package! About the size of a small chalkboard eraser and weighing about 6 oz.

Lantronix SecureLinx SLM Driver for PC

Available in USB and PS2 models, the unique low-power design enables Lantronix SecureLinx SLM to be powered directly from the attached server, with no external power supply required. A redundant power supply option is available. The information in this guide may change without notice.

Revision History Date Rev. Simplified end-device only view for users with a minimum of privileges.

Expanded managed device end-device integration: Device-type dependent Lantronix SecureLinx SLM and views. July C Added capabilities: Enable, disable, and prioritization of local user authentication; additional 2 polled NTP servers; additional two 2 NIS slave servers; auto-detection of SCSxx00 devices; assignment of managed groups to selected ports, and automatic system backup increased up Lantronix SecureLinx SLM 8 SLMs.

Modifications to GUI and command line interfaces. December D Added capabilities: Comments April E Added capabilities: November Lantronix SecureLinx SLM Added capabilities: April G Added capabilities: Persistent connection, keep alive, TN, and call back.

Configuration and Operation Overview 57 Step 1: Configure Network Settings 57 Step 2: Define Authentication Methods 57 Step Lantronix SecureLinx SLM Auto-Detect Devices 58 Step 5: Manage Devices 58 Step 7: Maintain the SLM 58 7: Technical Specifications Appendix E: The SLM enables IT professionals to remotely and securely configure and administer multiple Lantronix and non-lantronix devices. Chapter Summaries Lantronix SecureLinx SLM remaining chapters in this guide include: Quick Setup Chapter 4:

Lantronix SecureLinx SLM Drivers for Windows Download

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