Extron MLC Plus 200 AAP Ethernet Controller Driver

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Extron MLC Plus 200 AAP Ethernet Controller Driver

Extron Provides Video Switchers And Control Systems For Corporate, Education The MLC Plus is a sleek Ethernet controller designed for handling common The Extron HD 4K Series includes AAP and Decora®-style HDMI signal. Extron offers an expansive family of scaling products with an unmatched breadth of The MLC Plus is a sleek Ethernet controller featuring beveled edges. Los nuevos drivers serie a través de Ethernet amplían las capacidades de control a través . MLC Plus AAP, Controlador MediaLink Plus con abertura AAP.

New Driver: Extron MLC Plus 200 AAP Ethernet Controller

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Extron MLC Plus 200 AAP Ethernet Controller Driver

MLC Plus 50/100/200 Series Setup Guide

Check for Base Clear Lens 2 Separate the twopiece button here at the corner. Removal Tool Replacing a faceplate on page 2.

Cable All Devices 1. Cable devices to the controller see the features sections below and Cabling and features on page 5.

Drivers Update: Extron MLC Plus 200 AAP Ethernet Controller

Most examples on the following pages show the MLC Plus However, connector wiring and port functions are identical for all models. Connect power cords and power on all the devices. The AAP models are identical to the corresponding non-AAP models except that they also have room to mount from one to four AAP devices within the faceplate to the right of the controller.

Alternatively, you can power the controller using an optional Extron 12 VDC, 1 A desktop power supply, as shown below. Check the polarity of the power supply before connecting it to the controller. Always use a power supply provided by or specified by Extron.

KTP - MediaLink Plus Controller with AAP Opening - MLC Plus AAP Bộ điều khiển

Use of an unauthorized power supply voids all regulatory compliance certification and may cause damage to the supply and the end product. Blinks yellow to indicate data is being sent or received. This port must be configured. Lights green to indicate a network connection.

MediaLink Plus Controllers Extron

MAC address information A6- - - is located on the front panel behind the faceplate. E Default login credentials: E Power over Ethernet PoE: Use this port to upload configuration files and firmware.

It is to be connected only to networks or circuits that are not routed to the outside plant or building. COM port default protocol: These COM ports support software flow control only. If you use cable that has a drain wire, tie the drain wire to ground at both ends. Settings to configure via software: Use shielded cable and place the MLC Plus as close as possible to the amplifier to avoid picking up background noise via the cable.

When audio mute is active, the MLC Plus sets control voltage output to 0 VDC, even if the voltage range minimum and maximum voltage limits have been set to levels above zero, such as 2 V to Extron MLC Plus 200 AAP Ethernet Controller V.

Network setup is essential prior to configuration. Use the flowchart at right as a guide to setting up the controller for network use. Open the Toolbelt software or open the Toolbelt utility in Global Configurator. Using the MAC address, locate the desired device in the list and select it. When setting up DHCP during network configuration or if using a host name instead Extron MLC Plus 200 AAP Ethernet Controller an IP address during project recovery, the user must enter a qualified host name HostName.

EXTRON MLC Plus 200 MediaLink

Enable DHCP or you must type in the IP address, subnet address, and gateway; then configure other network settings as needed. Network Setup, Online Method Step 6: See the Global Configurator Help file as needed for step-by-step instructions and detailed information.

The help file for GC includes an introduction to the software, and how to start a project and configuration. The configuration tells the controller how its ports function; how to control other products; what to monitor; when to do things; and whom to notify, how, and under what circumstances.

Extron MLC Plus 200 AAP Ethernet Controller Driver for PC

Configure ports on the controller. Set up monitors, schedules, macros, and local variables.

Extron MLC Plus 200 AAP Ethernet Controller Drivers

Set up the front panel buttons: Build and upload the system configuration to the controller. Test and Troubleshoot 1. Also ensure that the volume LEDs light correctly as you increase or decrease the audio gain.

Make adjustments to wiring or configuration as needed. Remember that the rear and side panel ports will not be accessible after the controller is mounted.

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