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Unveiled and teased earlier by both EVGA and Vince "K NGP N" Lucido, the new EVGA X99 FTW K motherboard is based on Intel's X99 Express chipset with. EVGA X99 FTW Motherboard. However, it does NOT contain the following items that must be purchased separately in order to make the system fully functional. EVGA released its new X99 FTW K board, which is targeted at the overclocking community. The motherboard has a number of attractive.

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EVGA X99 FTW Driver

And, of course, it has Intel's X99 chipset. That said, for all the gamer-minded gear aboard the X99 FTW K, it might be the more broadly appreciated additions that sell this motherboard. The differences between the two motherboards aren't as dramatic as you'd expect. The X99 Classified has different audio features and more power phases, along with a rather cool triple BIOS, but unless they're very hard-core overclockers, we doubt most X99 EVGA X99 FTW K buyers will look back and EVGA X99 FTW they had gone with the X99 Classified.

A heavy-duty motherboard deserves a serious processor, so we broke out an Intel Core iX Extreme Edition chip. We also installed 32GB of G. And EVGA X99 FTW packed all of these components into the excellent SilverStone Primera PM01 chassis EVGA X99 FTW recently reviewed, and powered up the desktop with a 1,watt Corsair RMx power supply. As a result, most of the boards are going to see a lot more action than the typical single-build desktop. For one thing, users will be swapping out graphics cards, memory, and storage devices from time to time.


For another, gamers are power-hungry, and it's EVGA X99 FTW to expect that most will be looking for ways to push all of their components to their limits. Given that this motherboard is likely in for a rougher time than most, EVGA EVGA X99 FTW features that bolster the board's durability and make for stable power flow to the processor. Changing voltages can be risky, but the PWM should alleviate some of that risk.

Capacitors can be a headache over the long term, but much less so if they're solid-state and thus not capable of leaking.

EVGA - Products - EVGA X99 FTW - HE-ERX

Still, the board is clearly tough. When we installed it in our test system, we were EVGA X99 FTW to lift the motherboard by an edge without feeling it give under the weight of its components. On top of that, it withstood the bumps and bangs of us moving the test system around the lab without any trouble. That said, we think that the E or the EVGA X99 FTW itself would have looked better in red, as it is on the EVGA X99 Classified motherboard. The CPU socket also ostensibly features higher gold content for better conductivity.

Impossible to quantify, but such is the claim. We installed the processor easily and attached our Thermaltake Water 2.

EVGA X99 FTW 64 Bit

EVGA X99 FTW First-timers will benefit from checking out the manual before beginning the CPU installation, but if you're an old hand at this, the small diagrams etched directly onto the ILM EVGA X99 FTW get you through the process. The motherboard features a quad-channel, eight-slot memory layout, letting you install as much as GB of memory. We doubt most users will max out those memory parameters, but it doesn't hurt to know that you have plenty of expansion headroom.

EVGA officially launches the new X99 FTW K motherboard

The eight memory slots sit on either EVGA X99 FTW of the CPU, which makes for an EVGA X99 FTW look, but it also makes upgrading a pain in certain settings. When we installed the four 8GB modules of G. The result was that our liquid cooler's radiator, which sat at the back of the system, hovered mere millimeters over the two DIMMs on the left side.

EVGA X99 FTW Drivers Update

We'd need to EVGA X99 FTW the radiator from the back panel to access the memory for upgrades. That said, finding the EVGA X99 FTW spot for memory slots on increasingly crowded motherboards has always been difficult, and the eight-DIMM quad-channel configurations out there really don't leave any room for creativity. That said, we had some trouble reading labels on the board, particularly near the memory slots and the Serial ATA connectors, once the board was installed in a case.

Keep your smartphone and its flashlight app near at hand. The good news is that EVGA's manual has plenty of diagrams to help you locate the bits. Heatsinks, radiators, and the like will block it from view, in most cases. We'd EVGA X99 FTW liked to see two of the USB 2. We could occupy two USB 2. Killer-brand network controllers prioritize Internet traffic with the aim of reducing lag in video games. Latency is a priority for most gamers, but especially for first-person shooter FPS players, who need to see their opponents in real time.

New Killer controllers like the Killer E feature some useful tools for prioritizing other traffic, as well.

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