Digi AccelePort PC/Xe Drivers Windows 7

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Digi AccelePort PC/Xe Driver

, , Digi, Digi AccelePort Xe, Xr , PC/X and ClassicBoard 4 Port DBM Straight Fan-out Cable, 39, , , Digi, Digi AccelePort. The Digi Intl. epca driver for Linux supports the following boards: Digi PC/Xem, PC/Xr, Type of card: PC/Xe (AccelePort) (0), PC/Xeve (1), PC/Xem or PC/Xr (2). The MultiCom/MV Digi AccelePort Xem Manual is a guide to assist with the EXE file on the Install the Digi PCI card in the computer and attach the external.

Digi AccelePort PC/Xe XP

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Digi AccelePort PC/Xe Driver

Check the event viewer for error messages. If you want all of the ports to be numbered sequentially, check Auto-Enumerate and select the first port in the list. When you enter the name of that port using a name-stem and a number, such as COM3 or Digi5 and click on Apply, all of the remaining ports will be given the same name with Digi AccelePort PC/Xe incrementing number for example, Digi5, Digi6, etc.

Multiport Serial Adapters (Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) Hardware Compatibility List)

Open the Adapter folder. The Add Module button will become active.

Click on Add Module. From the list, select the concentrator or other module that is connected to the host adapter. Now set the synchronous line speed if Digi AccelePort PC/Xe adapter is an Xem, skip this step.

Software Manual. Digi International Inc Bren Road Minnetonka, MN - PDF

The line speed must be set for each synchronous line Line 1 and Line 2and each concentrator, if you are using remote connections. If your concentrators are all local, leave the line speed at the default value. The speed setting for Line 1 and Line 2 controls the rate of Digi AccelePort PC/Xe transmitted from Digi AccelePort PC/Xe adapter to the first concentrator. The speed setting for the concentrators controls the rate of the data from one concentrator to the next, or from the last concentrator back to the host adapter.

See the Installation Guide for your concentrators for information and cautions about selecting synchronous data rates.

Digi AccelePort PC/Xe X64 Driver Download

Now name the ports. If you want all of the names to have the same stem and sequential numbering, select Digi AccelePort PC/Xe first port on the Digi AccelePort PC/Xe concentrator or module, check the Auto Enumerate box, and enter the desired name in the Currently Selected Port Name box. The name must end with a number.

Now click on Apply. The name stem will be assigned to all ports, and the number will be incremented for each one.

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Restart Windows NT to complete the removal process. Some communications applications handle this automatically; consult your application s documentation to see how it handles port names. If your adapter Digi AccelePort PC/Xe equipped with RJ connectors, and you intend to attach modems, you must use full pin RJ connectors.

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See the Installation Guide for your adapter or concentrator for more information. Verify that the switch settings are correct.

You have chosen the incorrect adapter type for the Digi product you have installed. Reinstall the driver uninstall it first with the correct adapter type.

Problem The following error message appears in the Event Viewer: BIOS image failed to load. Reinstall the driver with a different Memory Base Address. Shadow RAM is enabled for all or part of the memory address space assigned to the Digi adapter depending on the adapter, the required address space is Digi AccelePort PC/Xe, 32K or 64K, beginning at the Memory Base Address you set during driver installation.

Check your computer s CMOS setup and make sure that shadowing is disabled for the addresses used by the Digi adapter. Digi AccelePort PC/Xe is a hardware problem with the adapter.

Contact Digi Technical Support. While validating that COM3 was really a serial port, the contents of the divisor latch register was identical to the interrupt enable Digi AccelePort PC/Xe the receive registers. The device is assumed not to be a serial port and will be deleted. The conflict Digi AccelePort PC/Xe be removed either by re-mapping the conflicting Digi port or removing the conflicting nonintelligent port configuration.

Driver UPDATE: Digi AccelePort PC/Xe

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