Asus P7P55D EPU-6 Engine 64 BIT Driver

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Asus P7P55D EPU-6 Engine Driver

As for Asus boards, the P45 versions have the new EPU-6 engine with the phase switching mode, so its better to go for a P45 based mobo. is a professional asus Driver Files Download Site, you can download Asus P7P55D-E PRO EPU-6 Engine Utility driver files. New EPU 6 repack Link: I make repack of EPU.

Driver for Asus P7P55D EPU-6 Engine

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Asus P7P55D EPU-6 Engine Driver

The AI NAP is an advanced sleep feature that allows users to put their computers to sleep without terminating any tasks. Fan Xpert allows users to select from 7 fan speed profiles that can be individually applied to any fan.

Asus P7P55D-E Premium Review (Page 3 of 13) APH Networks

All these settings can be tweaked without the need to reboot. This program also allows users to also save profiles and load them from within Windows. As usual, we had a good experience with the program, and we have come to rely on it to make quick on-the-fly adjustments in order to find stable overclock settings in various benchmarking Asus P7P55D EPU-6 Engine.

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TurboV EVO also contains the Auto Tuning feature, which will automatically overclock your system by going through five tweaking and stability testing Asus P7P55D EPU-6 Engine. As you will see in our Auto Overclocking Results section, Auto Tuning proved to be quite competent, and since ASUS are continually improving this feature, it will get better and better at safely squeezing extra performance from the available components.

This provides novice users a one-touch solution to boost system performance whenever they need it. It will work as a browser plug-in, too.

Installing Epu-6 Engine on Windows 8 CP x64

This program is based on the Ph. The software simulates the behaviour of an This plugin is a syntax highlighter for source code.

It uses GeSHi as fontifier engine. Put the code snippet to pre tag.

The difference is that the dark chestnut printed circuit board of Asus' P7P55D-E Premium better accentuates its contrast and style, whereas the Gigabyte motherboard in Asus P7P55D EPU-6 Engine didn't quite appeal to my personal tastes -- this is due to the fact that it was used with blue PCB. Again, aesthetics is not really an issue when it comes to internal components of a computer, so I don't think disliking a motherboard's look really stopped anyone from buying it if it's truly an excellent product, haha.

Asus P7P55D EPU-6 Engine Treiber

The comments on the look are just a personal opinion. For one thing, this motherboard does not have any heatpipes extending from the Southbridge to the Northbridge, and then leads around the processor socket to dissipate the heat.

Northbridge in the first place, haha. Therefore, Asus simply ended up putting a relatively large but low profile heatsink over the PCH as well as its adjacent controller chips near the bottom right corner, as shown in our photo above. Heatsinks are still placed on top of power regulating modules near the processor socket for heat dissipation, Asus P7P55D EPU-6 Engine which we will cover in detail in just a moment.

A shot of the back of the motherboard.

It's a relatively clean design, nothing in particular here. Fortunately, it is very low profile, and its sheer distance Asus P7P55D EPU-6 Engine the processor socket prevents it from interfering with aftermarket heatsink backplates. The standard Foxconn-made Intel backplate is present like all LGA motherboards, but all heatsinks designed for this socket are supposed to work with this backplate in its place.

Asus P7P55D EPU-6 Engine Mac

Regarding the use of capacitors, Asus chose to use traditional mounting methods rather than surface mounts, as shown in the image above. The advantage it presents over SMT is that traditional capacitor mounting methods provide higher resistance to mechanical stress.

Driver for Asus P7P55D EPU-6 Engine

Taking a look around the CPU socket area reveals an impressive array of chokes. You don't even need to count them to see that there's a serious quantity of them on the CPU voltage regulator circuit!

ASUS P7P55D Premium драйверы

Asus specifies a 48 Hybrid Phase power design on the P7P55D-E Premium, which is calculated by a phase power design for the processor, three for the memory controller on the processor, and additional phases over the T. Probe to balance current over these Asus P7P55D EPU-6 Engine.

Probe is a hardware based IC that is capable of monitoring temperature in the phase bank, which reduces voltage regulator module hot spots by reassigning or rebalancing phases on the fly.

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