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ASUS A7N8X-VM motherboard user manual. Special features. Dual Channel DDR memory support. With the bit Twinbank DDR memory. The motherboard sent along was an Asus A7N8X Deluxe, one of the many boards currently available that uses the nForce2 SPP and MCP-T. I have an older computer with the Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard. I understand there is no official nforce2 chipset support in Windows Vista.

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Asus A7N8X Driver

I personally don't like connecting from the power supply as you can no longer control the fan, so I had to buy a fan controller for my system, not a bad choice, but just kind of annoying that Asus A7N8X isn't enough onboard power connectors. Performance-wise, Asus A7N8X a go-getter.

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I have had no problems not to mention fast performance from this board, although the BIOS does have a little overclockability, it doesn't give much, I think more for Asus A7N8X reasons than anything else. I won't have any way to know this for sure until I get my hands on a faster video card to test, that Asus A7N8X be sometime later this month. In the meantime, if you're wondering about this, download the utility and test it out for yourself.

It really does look amazing at these settings. Here we have some differences but it quickly shrinks to a mere 4FPS lead for the Asus A7N8X system in x The last thing that definitely needs mentioning is the stability of the board. Excellent, as far Asus A7N8X I'm concerned.

But, what does this all mean to you? I mean, what's the point in buying a new motherboard, right? Obviously the performance increase Asus A7N8X one reason, even if you're not upgrading your processor or memory right away you can get added performance and with support for so many new features it will definitely Asus A7N8X you a while.

Other nForce2 boards are available for less, that's true, but many of those don't even have the excellent onboard audio that is one of the best features and main selling points of nForce boards. Not to mention the dual Ethernet feature, which is incredibly useful if you have a home network or want a machine to act as a router. Let me refresh your memory on all of those Asus A7N8X real quick: I can't imagine packing more features onto a board, but if someone asked me about it the Asus A7N8X features Asus A7N8X could think of that are missing are Parallel ATA RAID since Serial ATA drives still aren't widely available Asus A7N8X, if it's your kind of thing, onboard video.

The nForce2 onboard video actually has support for multiple monitors onboard, so it could be a nice feature if you're the kind of person who uses onboard video.

Asus A7N8X Windows Vista 32-BIT

The only possible threat Asus A7N8X the lifespan of a board like this is the appearance of AMD's Hammer series of processors Asus A7N8X in the first half of this year. But even then, these next-generation processors might not be available to the average consumer when they are initially released, and they'll be very expensive anyways. Performance-wise, its a go-getter.

"System Failed Memory Test" - Asus A7N8X Deluxe - The Corsair User Forums

I have had no problems not to mention fast performance from this board, although the BIOS does have a Asus A7N8X overclockability, it Asus A7N8X give much, I think more for stability reasons than anything else. Overall, this board is a great one at the moment, but Asus A7N8X of spendy, as most ASUS boards are. Combined with a number of other factors including a mature DDR DRAM market with an availability of good modules, putting together a good Athlon XP box is easier than ever and performance has never been better.

Ever since the initial release of the nForce chipset, the platform has been in ascendancy. Codenamed nForce2 Ultra it adds explicit, default chipset voltage, MHz running and So before I move on to ASUS' Asus A7N8X implementation, lets have a quick recap Asus A7N8X the features the chipset brings to the table.

Asus A7N8X Driver for Windows

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