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Based on the Intel Z87 Express chipset, the MSI Z87 XPOWER is the Intel Z87 chipset and four of which are controlled by an ASMedia ASM controller. just below the heatsink near the expansion slots and SATA ports. Aimed at extreme overclocking, the MSI Z87 XPOWER motherboard is a weapon of choice for professionals and enthusiasts that combines professional  Missing: ASMedia. MSI Z87 XPOWER - motherboard - XL-ATX - LGA Socket - Z87 overview and ASMedia ASM SATA -connectors: 4 x 7pin Serial ATA - 4 devices.


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The overall physical build quality has always impressed me. Packaging Effectively, the box is standard but the bundle is extremely rich. A clear window allows you to see part of the motherboard contained within.

The vertical style box is on the large side and opens up allowing you to remove two boxes. One is an accessory box, the other contains the motherboard itself. The included bundle is rich with both good things and some unnecessary fluff common to most motherboard boxes.

MSI Z87 XPOWER - motherboard - XL-ATX - LGA Socket - Z87 Overview - CNET

Included in the box are the following items: While some of this is certainly fluff there are things included in the box which impressed me. The first is a "Delid die guard.

This innovative addition to the included package prevents the CPU die from being MSI Z87 XPOWER ASMedia SATA by LN2 pots and other cooling systems. The Delid Die Guard is akin to the spacers we used back in the day with AMD Thunderbird processors to keep from damaging the exposed processor die when attaching a cooling solution.

Another nice innovation is the OC Fan Stand which allows you to attach an angled fan down on top of the CPU area to aid in cooling the motherboard and components which surround the CPU. Expansion slots include five PCI-e 3. Right in the middle of the expansion slots is a M.

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Audio is provided through an 7. The entire audio area is isolated from the main PCB by a yellow line which lits up when the motherboard is powered. In the hardware monitor section, you can adjust the fan profiles. This is a handy tool especially if you prefer performance over noise or vice versa; air cooling wise of course. Finally, we have the MSI Z87 XPOWER ASMedia SATA explorer screen, which allows you to identify the components installed onto the GD65 Gaming itself.

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With the board packing 12 power phases, 1x 8 pin 12v connectors and a very aggressive heat sink design style, it is likely to be a good clocker, but unlikely to break any records. However, is it going to be able to deliver a good clock in our testing?

Other than that, the menus were easy to go through and find the tools that were needed, everything was where i would expect to find it. Starting with the test bench overclock, I entered the 45x multiplier, with a standard BLCK and then I upped the voltage to 1.

MSI Z87 XPOWER - motherboard - XL-ATX - LGA1150 Socket - Z87

After saving and exiting, we were off and straight into windows, the first time. Next step was to see how far I could push the multiplier. Baring in mind that I was using a Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 air cooler, I had to keep within certain thermal limits. Here is the maximum clock speed I achieved: It was a good overclock in my eyes for a motherboard that is aimed at gaming rather than overclocks, some will argue that a gamer will want to overclock to get MSI Z87 XPOWER ASMedia SATA gains from their CPU in the games they play, but as you will see in the up coming benchmarks, it delivers performance in over areas.

The one thing that really let it down for myself was the lack of vDroop information, especially in terms of having no actual values to increase. This could be amended at a later date with a BIOS revision, but until then we can only hope.


The Delid Die Guard fixes this issue, so you can achieve the best temperatures for overclocking. Nevertheless, please keep in mind that delidding the CPU will lead to a loss of warranty.

MSI Z87 XPOWER ASMedia SATA X64 Driver Download

I tested the temperature benefits of this feature and you can find the results below. Taking a closer look, you will notice that the designated heatpipes are actually waterblocks.

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The black nickel plated copper pipe connects all three blocks, so you can easily integrate this motherboard into your cooling circuit. According to my testing, the VRMs are indeed very efficient and I see no need to cool the board with water.

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Besides the benefit of a possible watercooling solution, this also has a negative aspect. To check this, I measured the temperature with an infrared thermometer on each block. To serve any kind of cooling solution, the board comes along with 7 fan ports. You will straight catch the 8 x USB 3.

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