Msi X48 Platinum Intel Gigabit Ethernet 64 BIT

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Msi X48 Platinum Intel Gigabit Ethernet Driver

MSI X48 Platinum - motherboard - ATX - LGA Socket - X48 overview and full Network Controller. Realtek RTLB / Intel DC. Network. 2 x Gigabit. We've got MSI's feature-packed DDR3 based X48 Platinum in hand which we Supports Intel Core 2 Series (Extreme/Quad/Duo) 2 Gigabit Ethernet Port. Intel® X48 Express Motherboards X48 Platinum IDE; SATAII; RAID; TPM (header); LAN; USB ports (Rear); Audio ports (Rear); ports (Rear); eSATA.

Msi X48 Platinum Intel Gigabit Ethernet Drivers for Windows 7

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Msi X48 Platinum Intel Gigabit Ethernet Driver

It's a strange situation, because the motherboard does not have additional elements that require such cooling according to its specifications.

There wouldn't have been anything strange in this fact manufacturers often design common PCB layouts for similar motherboards—but the fact is, X48 Platinum significantly differs from X48C Platinum in PCB design in particular, the top model supports only DDR3 and has four slots for such memory. Well, in our case the third Msi X48 Platinum Intel Gigabit Ethernet sink expectedly covers empty PCB.

Judging by photos on the MSI web site, PCB layout of the retail product will remain the same however, the third heat sink and its heat pipe will be removed.

Specifications - MSI X48 Platinum: Four PCI Express x16 Slots to go Please

Having examined all strange elements of the motherboard, let's return to the "normal" issues. The above mentioned solutions leave almost no free room on the PCB. Moreover, there have appeared some problems with the layout of elements: On the other hand, all HDD connectors lie on their sides, so even the longest expansion card won't block them. Another advantage of this PCB layout for many users is three PCI slots accessible even if you install a very thick Msi X48 Platinum Intel Gigabit Ethernet card.

According to the documentation, the motherboard should be equipped with power and reset buttons they were not installed in our samplewhich may be a nice addon for some users. The motherboard uses an unusual switching voltage regulator for a CPU: Much attention is paid to the memory power system: Besides, MSI uses ferrite chokes instead of iron chokes, so they consume less power and remain cooler.

Msi X48 Platinum Intel Gigabit Ethernet Drivers Update

By the way, the cooling system of the chipset does a great job, so heat sinks on chipset bridges are barely warm. Besides, the motherboard allows to control rotational speed of one system fan directly unlike the popular automatic control: The monitoring section of BIOS Setup shows efficiency factor of the switching voltage regulator power at the input of the PWM controller and at the output in order to evaluate efficiency of the CPU power circuitry.

Unfortunately, Dual Core Center failed to work with this motherboard—probably a newer version of this utility is required. This program usually offers rich options for overclocking and monitoring, including control over rotational speed of system fans. Onboard ports, sockets, and connectors Processor socket: This rear panel also places four USB ports in a separate group.

Msi X48 Platinum Intel Gigabit Ethernet Driver Download

It looks unusual, but it's very convenient: The other pair of PCIe x16 slots run in x4 mode, so you could install another pair of light-weight graphics cards here if you Msi X48 Platinum Intel Gigabit Ethernet more monitor space in yellow. External drive enclosures like this are almost a must have, and eSATA transfer speeds are very quick.

IXBT Labs - MSI X48C Platinum Motherboard on Intel X48 Chipset

Layout and Bling - no expense spared! Most of the ports and headers are placed in accessible locations, and all are well labeled. There's plenty of space between the two videocard PCI Express x16 slots for dual-slot graphics cards. In another example, the four primary SATA jacks are set at 90 degrees to the Msi X48 Platinum Intel Gigabit Ethernet so full length videocards won't get in the way.

MSI provides a detailed manual that will walk you through the X48 Platinum's installation, hardware setup, BIOS, and bundled audio and system tweaking software.

MSI X48 Platinum - motherboard - ATX - LGA Socket - X48 Overview - CNET

Overclocker Friendly The MSI X48 Platinum motherboard gives great feedback to overclockers, and is even helpful for newbies who are often confused by cryptic system beep codes. The built-in four digit LED Port 80 card monitors motherboard status and peripheral errors to let you troubleshoot problems quickly.

These POST codes are commonly signaled by beeps from the motherboard's internal speaker. Aside from being useful for diagnosing problems no more having to plug voltmeters into slots to check for electrical shorts, hooray!

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The MSI X48 Platinum uses all solid-state polymer capacitors, which are much more durable than the standard liquid-based electrolytic capacitors. Solid state capacitors won't increase the performance of a motherboard, but they will give it a longer, more reliable lifespan.

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