A4Tech NB-25D Mouse 64 BIT Driver

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A4Tech NB-25D Mouse Driver

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A4Tech NB-25D Mouse Driver for Mac

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A4Tech NB-25D Mouse Driver

The load plate will automatically lift A4Tech NB-25D Mouse as the load lever is pushed to the fully open position. Align the notches with the socket alignment keys.

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Inspect the CPU to check if it is properly seated in the socket. Close and slide the load plate under the retention knob. Close and engage the load lever. Do not discard the PnP cap. Evenly spread a thin layer of thermal paste or thermal tape on the top A4Tech NB-25D Mouse the CPU.

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This will help in heat dissipation and prevent CPU A4Tech NB-25D Mouse. PnP cap Thermal paste En 24 7. Locate the CPU fan connector on the motherboard. Place the heatsink on the motherboard with the fan s cable facing towards the fan connector and the fasteners matching the holes on the motherboard.

Preface. H81I H81I-S01 Motherboard G XE - PDF

CPU fan connector English 9. Push down the heatsink until the four fasteners get wedged into the holes on the motherboard. Press the four fasteners down to fasten the heatsink.

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As each fastener locks into position a click should be heard. Inspect the motherboard to ensure that the fastener-ends have been properly locked in A4Tech NB-25D Mouse. Dual-Channel mode Population Rule In Dual-Channel mode, the memory modules can transmit and receive data with two data bus channels simultaneously.

Enabling Dual-Channel mode can enhance system performance. The following illustrations explain the population rules for A4Tech NB-25D Mouse mode. To ensure system stability, memory modules must be of the same type and density in Dual-Channel mode. En 26 Mounting Screw Holes When installing the motherboard, first install the necessary A4Tech NB-25D Mouse stands required for an motherboard on the mounting plate in your computer case. Align the mounting plate s mounting stands with the screw holes on the motherboard and secure the motherboard with the screws provided with your computer case.

The locations of the screw holes on the motherboard are shown below. For more information, please refer to the manual that came with the computer A4Tech NB-25D Mouse. Important Install the motherboard on a flat surface free from unnecessary debris. To prevent damage to the motherboard, any contact between the motherboard circuitry and the computer case, except for the mounting A4Tech NB-25D Mouse, is prohibited. Please make sure there are no loose metal components on the motherboard or within the computer case that may cause a short circuit of the motherboard.

A4Tech NB-20D User Manual

En 27 Power Supply Video Demonstration Watch the video to learn how to install power supply connectors. To connect the ATX power supply, align the power supply cable with the connector and firmly A4Tech NB-25D Mouse the cable into the connector. If done correctly, the clip on the power cable should be hooked on the motherboard s A4Tech NB-25D Mouse connector V V V 9. Ground V V Ground V V 1.

English Important When adding or removing expansion cards, always turn off the power supply and unplug the power supply power cable from the power outlet. Read the expansion card s documentation to check for any necessary additional hardware or software changes.

Adding on one or more discrete video cards will significantly boost A4Tech NB-25D Mouse system s graphics performance. For best compatibility, MSI graphics cards are recommended. Video Demonstration Watch the video to learn how to install a graphics card on PCIe x16 slot with butterfly lock.

A4Tech NB-25D Mouse 64Bit

Single Video Card Installation Determine what type of expansion slot s the video card will use. Locate the expansion slot s on the motherboard. Remove any protective expansion slot covers from the computer case. Line up the video card on top of the expansion slot s with the display ports facing out of the A4Tech NB-25D Mouse case.

Push the video card into its expansion slot s. Depending on the expansion slot s used, there should be clip s on the expansion slot s that will lock in place. If needed, screw the edge of the graphics card to the computer case. Some video cards might require a power cable A4Tech NB-25D Mouse from the power supply.

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